Obsessed with creating custom brand identities that behave like humans

Some call me funky and I'll take the compliment!

I love challenging the norms and breaking the rules. Not the kind that sends you to jail, but the rules we follow for no reason...
Better to understand what you are here to do, hey?
I know how to make it happen.

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Logo design was like throwing spagetti at the walls.

I was doing good and honest work, but nothing was sticking.

Feel the same? Something is off? Not getting noticed?

I found a better way.

Confession time: I hated designing logos…(*suspense)

Nadia Butterworth



I’ve always liked making pretty things, but with logos it was hit and miss at best. Like playing a guessing game based on the client’s mood of the day. I had no way to be sure that my client will approve or still ask for changes after 13 rounds of revision.

“There has to be a better way” 

See, I come from a scientific background. I worked in the medical industry before finding my joy in brand design. In medicine, there are many principles and proven methods we rely on. But with design, you might say that it is all subjective creativity… 

The scientist in me couldn’t accept that.

My years as physiotherapist taught me to ask the right questions to understand problem. I had to figure out what logical steps to take to get a patient to where they want to be, while caring and respecting who they are as a human, living within a community.

Little did I know that those years were the perfect training ground for how I now approach Brand Identity Design.

I care a lot more about figuring out what my clients are here to do, than making a pretty logo. 

So what changed?

I want to figure out how to get you noticed by the right kinds of people.  I use common sense, research, empathy and human behaviour just as much as creativity in my projects, and the outcome feels so good.

“She knows exactly what questions to ask to get a feel of your business and your brand.”

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from Mia:

Mia May hair and make up

Things I care about enough to say it out loud:

For things to make logical sense. Like math. Math always works. 

Being obedient and faithful with what I have been given. 

Freedom to adapt my plans and schedule according to family and community presence.

I admire noteworthy packaging more than the product inside.

I believe that if no one ironed their clothes, none of us would have to.

I don’t want to live in a world without ice cream. No matter the season. Ice cream is life.

More? Sure

What if it works?

This could be you:

"Understanding my brand and aligning my visuals helped me grow a business that feels true to what I do and how I live.

Now I have a believable brand  idenity that shows that I am a dependable provider."

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