POV: YOUr brand feels grounded and true to your ways

Ready for it?

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It feels soooooo good... 

when iT all make sense

When you work with someone that will help you understand how branding works

When you communicate what you want to be known for through your brand identity

When you have everything you need in a neatly organised visual brand kit


When you feel equipped to make smart choices that align with your values and goals


The low surprise process that won’t leave you hanging…

As much as I love surprises, "crossing my fingers and hope you like it" is not how I design brands. There are enough checkpoints along the way to avoid shock and horror at the end... Here is how it goes:


Where you at?

Through guided questions and exercises we figure out who you are, how you work, who should care, and why it matters…


Where you going?

Then we choose a direction where you will feel comfortable and confident with how you show up, and how people experience and perceive your brand.


Arrive in style…

The day you have been looking forward to — your reward for all the (seemingly) invisible work we did over the last few weeks —  your brand identity reveal, followed by any other design assets included.

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WHich route will get you there?

The Brand


Proven that you are here to stay? Then it is time to grow your profit and impact,  and create an experience that leaves an impression on your clients’ hearts and minds. 

Walk away with a deep understanding of how your brand works, a comprehensive visual identity, and updated stationery or other branded collateral, plus a brand manual. *Option to upgrade to Showit Website Template customization or a home page layout example.

Average investment $ 2500 / R 55 000

The Brand


Want to enter the market feeling settled and confident even though you are new in business?

Once we are done, you will make smarter choices and maintain your brand by yourself, using your basic logo kit, colour and font systems.

Optional upgrade available to set up your Canva Pro Brand Kit together with a curated template collection.

Average Investment  $ 400 / R 8 000

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"We gained more confidence in who we were becoming"

"Over the course of two months, she dug deeper than we even expected, knocking it out of the park with our new brand design and brand guide. Everything she does is purposeful – from customizing shapes of fonts to selecting hex codes, we have never known anyone to put so much thought and effort into every single aspect of a visual brand."

Amanda Holdsworth - Cultivate & ENGAGE

a star client


How long does a project take?

Clients who are ready to go all in with the Brand Master, are often not rushed, and will rather follow the process to make sure that we consider all the angles carefully.  This project is usually spaced over 6 to 8 weeks (excluding website work)

Those business owners who are keen to launch ASAP, knowing this is not their forever brand identity, do well with the Brand Leap that takes about 3 weeks.

Can you build my website?

The beauty of the Brand Master process is that we figure out most of the things that people need to know about your business. So it only makes sense that the next step is to update or build your online presence.

To be able to build a website that converts strangers to clients, I only offer this project upgrade to Brand Master Clients.

Can I make my own graphics in canva afterwards?

Yes of course! My clients often carry on without me! I add Canva Pro Brand Kit set up  with a curated set of social media templates for a seamless transition to maintaining your own brand graphics once we are done with your project.

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How will you move forwards this year?

You get to choose your next step

You don't need to rush into anything, but if settling down with a brand identity that feels true to you ways sounds good... Let me know...

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