designing your own brand?

How about i take you through a logical step-by-step to build your brand?

Feels like a blurrrr to get from where you are at, to having a fully operational business with a website and marketing campaigns.

I know, right?

When you are ready to step out of uncertainty, I can help. I have a Do It With You  Program that supports and encourages small business owners to move forward.

I want in →

If you  learn how to think like a designer, you can make better choices

Well, when we are done, you will feel better about:

- Not having the budget or desire to work with a designer
- Honestly selling your services  at profitable prices
- Owning YOUR true brand story
- Creating your brand visual style  without copying others
- and Where to go from there...

Feeling a flash of hope?


And feel settled and comfortable with how you present your business to your audience. 

I value fruitfulness and common sense, and I don’t want you to set yourself up for failure, burn-out and disappointment because of a brand that is not making sense.

Let me guesS, As an honest business owner, you struggle with this:

You feel bad to raise your rates since no one will buy.

You say yes to every job,  leaving you frustrated, and unsatisfied.

What if I can teach you how to reverse engineer your business goals, and then give you an action plan to help you choose your next right step to reach those goals?

I'll can also teach you how to develop your own brand visual style in Canva, so that you can create graphics with ease.

If this sounds like the right choice for you... sign up below.

You feel scared of doing it wrong and looking like an amateur