A BRAND vibe that tells a (true) story


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The common thread between all these clients is that they all strive for excellence and want to be known for good and honest work.


Swell is a company that offers workplace wellness workshops and resources. There is a strong connection between the brand and it's clients

If the brand, Swell, was a person, she would be a good blend between knowledgable, helpful and quirky. The waves and contours represent the ebb and flow that is the nature of their work, as well as the connection with reducing noise in the workplace, enabling fruitful discussions.

Project in collaboration with sunenadine.com 

Skin deep

Dr Armfield can be so proud of the aesthetic clinic she has built from the ground up. She has an incredibly close relationships with her patients, who sees her as an expert in her field. 

During her strategy phase, it was clear that her brand ought to be luxurious and high end, but still warm and inviting. She wants her offices to feel feel home-y and patient-client confidentiality is a top priority. 

Cross the Jordan

A client that knew exactly what wants to be known for in his business. Nathan writes and composes bible based songs. His brand was to show tradition, strength, and truth. I intentionally chose a font that reminds us of the title font of bible covers in times past, and made the letters "sing" a gently hymn with size and placement variations. 

Lavender Grace

What an honour to work with Michaela on a mini brand kit for Lavender Grace. If you looked up grace and femininity in the dictionary, her name would come up. 

Michaela wanted the same for her brand. This dreamy, romantic brand with a fine but non-generic flower element. She values the impact professional design has on a brand new business, and wanted to avoid looking DIY from the start.